Are you on vacation in Aveyron and want to discover the region’s gastronomic specialities?

Here’s a roundup of Aveyron’s culinary must-haves:

To discover and consume without moderation of course 🙂

1. Aligot

How can you come to this department without taking part in an Aligot. On the Aubrac plateaux, many burons offer you the chance to taste an Aligot prepared before your very eyes with fresh Aubrac tome cheese.

2. Roquefort cheese

It’s probably the best-known Aveyron cheese. Produced in the Roquefort cellars, which you can visit, it will delight the taste buds of all cheese lovers. There are also plenty of local cheeses to suit everyone.

3. Farçous from Aveyron

Don’t you know farçous? Well, come and stroll around the Aveyron markets, like the one in Rodez, for example, and sample some farçous. Farçou is a composition of salted and peppered minced meat made with fatty bacon, chard greens, parsley, pigmeat, eggs, wheat flour and a little milk. This stuffing is then usually fried in a pan. They will accompany your aperitifs (in moderation) as well as your Aveyron salads.

4. Tripoux cheese

It’s true that tripoux are a form of challenge for those who have never eaten them before. Here in Aveyron, the villages organize tripoux breakfasts during the summer, which you can come and taste from 8am onwards.

5. Estofinado (or stockfish)

This is a cod or haddock-based dish simmered with ingredients such as potatoes, eggs, crème fraiche and oil. This dish was very popular with the miners of the Decazeville coalfield.

6. Spit-roasted cake

This cake is very popular at weddings and family dinners. This cake, made from a kind of pancake dough, is cooked on a spit over an open fire.

7. The fouace

Fouace or fouasse or foassa is a large, crown-shaped bread made in Rouergue and Haute-Auvergne. This is a homemade bread dough, scented with orange blossom water, slightly sweet and buttery, fairly dense, made from soft wheat flour and enriched with eggs.

8. Cheese soup

Cheese soup is a traditional peasant dish from the southern Massif Central. Also known as the soup of the day after a feast, it was brought to the newlyweds in their bedroom on the evening of their wedding.

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