Aveyron offers you a an anthology of hikes to discover, with itineraries and levels of difficulty levels of difficulty to suit all types of profilesfrom beginners to amateurs. Tie your laces and discover our rocky plateaus or verdant plains.

South of the Massif Central that we invite you surpass yourself through our beautiful hikes in Aveyron which have much to share with you.

For your safety

Among the various hikes you’ll find that they offer varying levels of difficulty. Stay alert and plan simple gestures. Worth knowing:

  • Bring at least 1L ofwater per person,
  • Check the weather,
  • From equipment including appropriate footwear, caps, sunglasses, sun cream and a jacket.

As a bonus, pack a medical kit at the bottom of your bag with disinfectant and bandages in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Camping Rodez Aveyron · randonnee 2 uai

Our 8 most beautiful walks in Aveyron

As you can see, we’re going to present you with hikes classified according to their difficulty to give you the best possible idea of real-life situation.

The heritage trail in Villefranche-de-Rouergue

Take this trail 5.3 km during 1h30 for a pleasant pleasant among the growing flora and fauna of this sporting trail.

Camping Rodez Aveyron · randonnee villefranche de rouergue uai
Camping Rodez Aveyron · la boucle de belcastel uai

The Belcastel loop

We’ll take you on a 2h covering a distance of 6.6km. Go at your own pace to climb these 253 metres of vertical drop.


Know that Belcastel is renowned for its castle and is one of France’s most beautiful villages. Enjoy the opportunity to take a pure air lungs full of fresh air, while you watch the beauty beauty of this commune from the mountains. This loop gives you an unobstructed view that you won’t get if you go through the narrow village streets.


If you’d like to spice up your hike, discover the heritage around Rodez, including the Fort du roc d’Anglars and the grotte du Lourdou.

Le roc des Agudes

We now recommend a distance of 12.7 km. So you’re off to 5h of hiking with an average altitude difference of 637 meters.

In the heart of the Tarn valley Le Roc des Agudes takes you along the Causse de Sauveterre, looking up to discover a sky that stretches as far as the eye can see, and the abandoned village of Elglazine.

During your stroll, stop for a bite to eat while enjoying a sublime sublime view of the valley below.

Camping Rodez Aveyron · le roc des agudes uai
Camping Rodez Aveyron · les corniches du tarn uai

The cornices of the Tarn

We now move on to a 5h30 with a total distance of 15.1 kmwith a vertical drop of 697 metres.


Position yourself on the ledges for an unobstructed unobstructed view on the Tarn gorges from Liaucous. This departure takes you on a sublime journey, but in the increased difficulty. You advance in alleys untamed untouched by human passage, this hike is a perpetual climb, and you’ll appreciate the final descent after your efforts.

The upper Dourbie valley

Here we go 6h of hiking, covering 15.3 km with a vertical drop of 627 meters.

You can enjoy it with your family or friends, whether in summer or winter, you’ll be protected by the forest without spoiling your view.

Camping Rodez Aveyron · la haute vallee de la dourbie uai
Camping Rodez Aveyron · le viaduc de millau uai

Millau Viaduct

Always in 6hcross 15.9 km to give you strength for half a day to climb 373 metres of ascent.


Often used by car caryou can admire the Millau Viaduct in the middle of green green countryside which subtly stands out thanks to its slender appearance.

In addition to seeing the viaduct, this intense hike in Aveyron allows you to admire the entire Tarn valley and the Larzac plateau.

The GR 65

For this hikingwe multiply intensity and difficulty.

The conditions have totally changed, as these are no longer hours but days of effort.

Set off on an adventure 6 dayscovering 102 km to cross the Aveyron department from east to west. This walk was initially used by hikers-pilgrims as they lead to Santiago de Compostela.

You are free to take the route without reaching the end, simply to take a longer hike than the others.

It’s an opportunity to discover villages such as Saint-Chély d’Aubrac, Estaing and even Conques to discover the region’s heritage around Rodez.

You will cross 20.5 km daily during these 6 days, immersed in landscapes that are well worth the effort.

Camping Rodez Aveyron · le gr 65 uai
Camping Rodez Aveyron · le grand tour des monts et lac du levezou uai

The GR de pays: Le grand tour des Monts et lac du Lévézou

Camper friends, we’re pleased to reveal the Grand Tour des Monts et Lac du Lévézou hike, which lasts 10 days !


The course consists of 2 loopsone of 104 km and the second of 110 km considered exceptional, but intensive since they require 10 days of hiking. That’s why we recommend that you get there by group in an organized manner, with regard to sleeping and feeding.


You won’t have any trouble completing your ride despite the 21km per day to reach the end of this trail. Find yourself in the middle of the wilderness to discover castles and cathedrals.


Whatever your level of endurance, duration and intensity, don’t hesitate to take stops in the surrounding villages to create unforgettable memories.

From now on, you’ll have a variety of hikes to choose from. get moving !

Where to stay in Aveyron?

If you’d like to be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the hikes that tempt you, our campsite in Aveyron is at the heart of these trails.

Come and discover our accommodation and feel at the heart of nature.