Rodez, this French town in the Midi in the heart of Aveyron, overlooks the valleys of Rouergue, nestling between the arid Causses and the green hills of Ségala. A visit to Rodez means discovering its many cultural treasures, heritage and natural treasures. You will be overwhelmed by the depth of this city, nicknamed “the victorious fortress”, and by the beauty of its green surroundings. green surroundings. Rodez awaits you!

You’re wondering what to do in Rodez ? Our region lovers share their favorite activities.

Museums in Rodez

Seize the opportunity: thetourism office in Rodez offers you a selection of museums to enrich and entertain your culture.

The Rodez conurbation boasts 3 museums with unique collections and remarkable architecture.

Soulages Museum

Our recommendations focus first on the Soulages museum.

The Pierre Soulages museum has a room of 500 m2 dedicated to temporary exhibitions. This room is dedicated to artists and movements all driven by technical experimentation and innovation. Two major temporary exhibitions are organized annually to the museum with guided tours.

Children and adults alike cultural sharing invites you to take part in a wide range of activities.

Taste his contemporary art to its Café ! Indeed, a gustatory stop after your visit to discover Soulages-style confectionery.

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Fenaille Museum

In this museum, you will find a collection of statue-menhirs to help you discover the history of Rouergue.
One of the world’s finest archaeological archaeological museums in France, the museum offers 17 of these original original piecescarved 5,000 years ago. Their uniqueness stems from the age of these works, which represent man in Europe.

Denys-Puech Museum

It is here that you will quickly discover all the sculptures sculptures by Aveyron craftsmen. Discover theart of sculpture in all its forms without spending an afternoon on it. This advantage allows you to expand your cultural knowledgewhile having the opportunity to visit one of the other two museums in the same day, or to stroll through the historic center of Rodez to soak up its beauty.

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Art galleries

Museums aren’t the only way to awaken your cultural cultural curiositymany art galleries are held here. Throughout the year exhibitions of all kinds are held, temporarily passing or permanent permanentAn artistic spirit brings the streets of Rodez to life. We recommend the Annotiau, Réplique and Foche galleries.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to let your art speak for itself, rather than listen to other people’s, you need to know about artists’ studios. Put yourself in situationIf you’re looking for a new way to express yourself, while being accompanied, we invite you to join us at Atelier des Arts, Roseline Blanc-Bessierre or Place aux Arts.

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Rodez

We recommend a visit to the cathedral ! Step inside and discover its impressive impressive size that dominates Rodez.

A bit like a medieval air of its fortress, it’s the only thing you’ll notice in the town square of Rodez, and its visitors will be astonished. That’s nothing compared to their amazement once inside, discovering the splendor of the bell tower itself, but also its sanctuarywith its organ case and sublime stone enclosure.

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The former bishop’s palace

Dating back to the 17th century, discover this brick monument with an unspoilt look. If you enjoy discovering the villages you visit, and are interested in its featuresThis palace is not to be overlooked.

The historic center

It’s in the heart of the Rodez urban area that you’ll discover the historic center circuit dominated by Notre-Dame Cathedral. The latter reinforces the charm of the town’s ancient ramparts.

Stroll through the alleys, past the local local stores and emblematic squares such as Place des Armes. Here you can admire the 16th-century Maison d’Armagnac.

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We know that a holiday and its visits can be tiringand we’ve got the solution! For those who like to relax in the spa, the aquatic center Aquavallon will be your ally.

The center comprises three pools for swimmers, a play area for your children, a cardio-training area if you still need to burn off some energy. But the most popular is thespa area with sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and relaxing jet shower.

Outdoor activities

Aveyron has incredible nature to discover: rocky plateaus and verdant plains. This is why our region favors outdoor activities while enjoying natural landscapes. Enjoy via ferrata, quad biking, paragliding and bungee jumping.

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Rich and convivial, this kitchen radiates a warm warm ambience that will make you want to share it with friends and locals. For total immersion, sample typical dishes such as rissole, farçous aveyronnais or pompe à huile.

We also recommend the café Bras, the patisserie Clément and the restaurant La Gargouille for a taste of these typical dishes. typical dishes.


Aveyron boasts a great wine-growing wine-growing heritage on the Marcillac wine route.

We offer you 200 hectares of vineyards from Conques all the way to Rodez, where you can enjoy, in moderation, the nectar of 50 winemakers.

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The beauty of the surrounding villages

The villages of Aveyron are ranked among the most most beautiful in France. don’t miss Belcastel and its medieval castle. Still rocked by monuments, Conques has an abbey church at its center, and Najac a fortified castle in the heart of an incredible natural setting.

Bozouls Canyon

This canyon is founded in limestone which are home to natural habitats with an abundance of greeneryIt can be reached via a pathway of footbridges. Find out more about the Bozouls hole.

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How to get to Rodez

By car

Free to travel within the village, we recommend you use your car. What’s more, Rodez is perfectly attached to motorway networks.

By train

This solution offers you peace and quiet to get to Rodez. Rodez is a popular destination, which is why trains are available without restricting yourself.

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By plane

Thanks to airport and numerous transport links, Rodez is easily accessible by comparing offers. Choose a cab or carpool to get to Rodez more easily.

Where to stay in Rodez?

If you’re looking for comfortable accommodation ideally located for discovering the wonders of Rodez, Domaine de Combelles is an excellent choice. Located just five minutes from the town, our Aveyron campsite offers a peaceful, green setting, with 120 hectares of wooded parkland to relax and recharge your batteries.

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In addition to its exceptional setting, Domaine de Combelles also offers a multitude of outdoor activities for all ages and tastes. Horse-riding enthusiasts can indulge their passion at the on-site riding school, while hikers can explore the surrounding trails. Fans of mountain bikes, quad bikes and electric scooters can enjoy their favorite sport in the surrounding area.

All in all, if you’re looking for a peaceful, comfortable place to stay in Rodez, Domaine de Combelles is an excellent option. With its spacious, comfortable accommodation, magnificent natural setting and numerous outdoor activities, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable vacation in the heart of Aveyron. Don’t hesitate to book now to guarantee your place in this exceptional venue.